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 G&G m14

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PostSubject: G&G m14   Tue Dec 30, 2008 9:45 pm

Ok well I got my G&G m14 for Christmas. It shoots amazing, 400 fps with .2s goes around 90 feet, after that it is still accurate but it isn't as deadly(You can still kill past 90 feet though). Its rate of fire is alos incredible, I don't know exactly becasue teh way I tested it but it is around 17 bbs per second. This is all preupgraded. It is made mostly made out of very strong abs plastic, I am fine with this because it already weighs 9.6 pounds.

Today I played my first game with it, it was 7 vs 7. My friends fear this gun, i just have to fire a burst randomly and they will hide. I was shoot my friends from about 120 feet away and was just killing them like crazy for the first couple of rounds, then they got smart. BUt even then I used the fear tactic to have all my teamates get kills.

I recomrend this gun to anyone who likes taking far ranch shots but wants to put down alot of fire power.

Far ranch for a AEG
High rate of fire
Easy zeroing in with the iron sight
Inspires fear Twisted Evil

Weighs 9.6 pounds
Has some cheap plastic one the front, but luckally this plastic doesn't touch or is involved with any parts of importance.
Very long, almost as long as a UTG L96
May cause friction with your friends, if they don't like losing

Here is a link from where I bought it
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PostSubject: Re: G&G m14   Wed Dec 31, 2008 12:01 am

yeah i have a spring TSD M14 and it is a nice weapon but i replaced it with a sniper but i still like it a lot and is a good weapon for the price.... i can't Imagen how good the AEG version is
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G&G m14
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