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 *Read Before Posting* Rules & Regulations

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PostSubject: *Read Before Posting* Rules & Regulations   Fri Feb 01, 2008 4:34 am

Airsoft Forum 2.0 was designed to be a cut above the cluttered mess of airsoft forums, with interesting topics, an easy-to-use user-interface, and a place that offers its members a unique, positive experience. But to make sure that this happens, it requires both work on the moderator's/administrator's and the members' parts. There are some basic guidelines we will strictly enforce to ensure it stays a pleasant experience for all users!

1. Watch your language!
Please refrain from using any and all profane, hateful, disrespectful, and/or inappropriate language anywhere on this forum. There are many young members and there's no need to share these terms with any one of them.

2. No "Leet" will be spoken.
The ever so popular "leek" language that populates forums everywhere must never be used! If you don't know what "leek" is, it's using abbreviations (WTF, U R an idiot) and letter replacements (1 h4t3 th1s typ3 of typ1ng!) in your typing. It's very annoying, and often hard to read.

3. Keep all replies at least semi on-topic!
I know it's tempting to get off subject at times, but stay focused on the issue at hand!

4. No rank posting!
Please do not respond to questions or comments for the sole purpose of raising your forum "rank" (post count). This doesn't mean all your reponses have to be five paragraphed, awe-inspiring messages, but overly-simple responses like "LOL" or "No way!" will be counted as rank posts.

5. All messages must be in english!
We welcome all airsoft players, all races, nationalities, sexes, etc. However, to keep the forum running smoothly, we require that all posts be in english. We'll be understanding if english is not your main language, but make your best effort and if the post can be understood, it most likely won't be deleted. Also, do you your best to use proper english. This means correct spelling, punctuation, and don't use a run-on sentence. Periods exist for a reason.

6. All talk of illegal activities, sexist, racist, violent, drug-related, or alcohol-related topics will be deleted!
Please don't test us on this. Your post will be deleted, and, depending on the severity of your post, your account may be temporarily or permanently banned.

There are no set guidelines as to how we'll handle "rule-breakers," as each case will be taken care of based on the severity of the situation. However, we want this to be a pleasant experience for everyone, so there's no need to live in fear of being temporarily banned or your account deleted. We're understanding people and we know that sometimes others can get caught up in the moment and say something they later regret. These people may have their post manually edited by a moderator if too vulgar/inappropriate, and given a warning, but we'll never ban or delete any member from this forum without a fair and honest warning.

*this list will be updated regularly. It is your responsibility to check it frequently for updates on new rules/news. This topic will be also be posted in the "Site News" forum, to ensure rules are well-known among all the members!
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*Read Before Posting* Rules & Regulations
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