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 Florida Airsoft

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501 Ranger's

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PostSubject: Florida Airsoft   Sat Jul 25, 2009 8:20 pm

I'm knicking so bad to get it on and play some airsoft.......I'll tell why.... I'm an EX-Paintballer.... Who has seen the light..... Paintball sux's and cost way much more than Airsoft.....I'm trying to start a new Airsoft Team and Field(s).... I have Five Old Paintball Field(s), I'm converting into Airsoft Fields ...... The problem I have is meeting New AIRSOFT Player(s) in my area of.....( Keystone Hgts. Florida ) This web site has the map:

So..... If there are any of you great folks out there who could Please Write !!! If you live in my area it would be totally awsome !!!!! We are inviting you !!!! To play with the 501 Ranger(s) and have some Fun....The web address above should log you on to explain more about what we are about....We're new to Airsoft Folks here in FLORIDA .....P.S. WE ARE ABOUT 6 MILES FROM THE M.O.U.T. SITE AT CAMP BLANDING.....Awesome to play.....Did it when we played Paintball can not wait to play Airsoft there.....Thanks Sarge of the 501 Rangers-Pathfinders
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Florida Airsoft
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