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 Hostage 3: Midnight watch

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PostSubject: Hostage 3: Midnight watch   Sun Sep 12, 2010 2:25 pm

HOSTAGE 3: Midnight watch

you an 9 other men have camped down for the night in an abandoned shack. in the middle of some sand dunes near a power line tower. the shack has 2 floors, no windows, and 3 doors (one is on the second story and was to presumably lead to a balcony. there are thick bushes and trees around and on the property, which is an occupational hazard. Rolling Eyes how would you defend this position, and name your squad positions.

What ended up happening was we had a sniper and spotter up on the second level with 3 men as reinforcements. i took a door with one man and the other two covered the other door. the sniper and spotter took first watch till 12, then they rotated with the other 3 men. i took the door till twelve and rotated, then the other 2 rotated.

your turn!

P.S.: if you wish to divulge how to attack such a spot, please do. bonus points to those that do it cleanly, and extra cudos to those that do it with stealth. jocolor
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Hostage 3: Midnight watch
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