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 Delayed Entry Program (military)

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PostSubject: Delayed Entry Program (military)   Fri Oct 21, 2011 12:53 am

In march I plan to contact a recruiter and join the United States Marine Corp. Thing is I will only be 17 so I will have to go into the Delayed Entry Program they have. Since my family has little military back ground. I can't really ask any of them, and google can give so many answears before it gets frustrating. So I figure I might as well come to the forums.

I would like to know if anybody is in or has done the DEP. And would like to give a basic run down of what it's about. I would rather have somebody with first hand experience tell me that I semi know, then google that could be jam packed full of lies.

Anyways please post here.

For anybody wondering what this is, I would keep an eye on this thread, or PM me I know a few things, but not to much.
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Insane Mercc

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PostSubject: Re: Delayed Entry Program (military)   Sun Oct 23, 2011 1:14 pm

Whats wrong with asking/calling a local recruiter to ask some questions. They will be more than eager to help you.
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Spl. Durkee
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PostSubject: Re: Delayed Entry Program (military)   Thu Nov 10, 2011 1:10 am

I'm repeating some of the things I said in PM's as well, but adding some more stuffz.

Now is DEFINITELY not the time to join the military. Our country is in some serious economic \"Watch your language\" and there is literally no way we will ever recover from it. It sucks...it's sad...but it's the truth. That said, military spending will be the next major thing on the chopping block (rightfully so) as moderate Americans demand increases in social services (with Occupy Wall Street at the front of the movement). Soldiers across the US are already going without pay and are literally forced to re-enlist in order to not be homeless once they return to civilian life. Of course, with things heating up between Israel/US and Iran/China, the possibility of another war involving the US is growing more likely every day. This is both a good thing and a bad thing, depending on how you look at it. A large war involving the US would reproduce 20th century military-industrial complex spending and could bring us out of the \"Watch your language\"-hole we're in (especially if somehow China got blown up in the process, since they own most of our debt). On the same note, that will mean that if you are enlisted at the time, you will probably go to war and see some of the 21st century's worst bloodshed.

My suggestion? Go to school. Get a degree in something you're interested in (that has applications in civilian and military life), then see how you feel about the military once you've gotten said degree. From there, you can join a branch of your choice under that degree as an Officer...or enter the civilian workforce and refuse to take orders from a corrupt, self-destructive government.

Don't get me wrong, I \"Watch your language\" love America. It's just that there is this little problem we like to call the 1%: the greedy, power-hungry, religiously-motivated, bigoted, misinformed, and otherwise incapable political and economic leaders that are \"Watch your language\"-bent on driving this country into the ground if it means they get to retire to their private island in peace.
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PostSubject: Re: Delayed Entry Program (military)   

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Delayed Entry Program (military)
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