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 G&P Custom Masada

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PostSubject: G&P Custom Masada   Sun Jan 01, 2012 6:04 pm

Just bought one off of eBay for $350 shipped; apparently it's brand new and hasn't been used. The guy had good feedback and seemed reliable, so I'm not worried. I just want to know what people think of the Masada or G&P in general, since my only experience with them is my friend's custom G&P MOE (previous owner added a dual-tone UBR stock and some rails).

What I have heard about the rifle; however, is that it's based off of the A&K Masada, but with a G&P 7mm gearbox, new air nozzle, new hop-up, and an (illegal) copy of the Noveske amplifier. I post some pictures when I get it (hopefully early next week, since he's in New York).
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PostSubject: Re: G&P Custom Masada   Mon Jan 02, 2012 1:26 pm

Novesk Amplifiers are easy to get, although we don\'t know the brand so it could be different. I love my G&P and I've heard Masada's are awesome. You pretty much can't go wrong with this deal.
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G&P Custom Masada
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