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PostSubject: Reunion?   Tue Nov 22, 2016 2:11 pm

I have checked this page a few times this year to see if there has been any activity. I see that that hasn't happened. So I'm going to take the step forward and make the post, to see if I can get any bite. I will periodically check this site. Probably once a week or so, simply because it is a simple internet search and I think I can give up 30 seconds of my life to try and reconnect with a few of you. So please, and I do mean please post.

In the case that you don't know your username and password. contact me at one of the methods posted below.

Xbox- lllS I G M Alll (3 lower case "L"s and spacing as implied)

I may also update my contact information, I recently got a new computer so I am still trying to set everything up on it meaning I don't have a lot ready at this moment.
I often check my email. However make sure to make to subject obvious something like Allies Reunion or something off that sort. In case it ends up in my spam I can pull it out.
My Xbox live account is linked with my computer and phone so I will be able to view messages and friends requests, however I do recommend sending me a message and a friends request if you would like. We all know how the younger generation of online gamers add anybody they can.
Instagram is not my most solid form of communication. I rarely check it. However I do check it. This will probably have me checking it a bit more as well, so a DM should be okay to post.

Also if you still associate with anybody off the forums direct them here, I know there has to be at least a couple people that continuously kept in touch after AA was left on it's last leg to die.

Hope to talk to ya'll soon
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