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 Foam stock mod for your VSR10 or VSR Clone!

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PostSubject: Foam stock mod for your VSR10 or VSR Clone!   Tue Apr 19, 2011 7:07 pm

I spent all day today foaming the stock on my BAR10, here is a quick guide.

Disclaimer!: I cannot be held responsible if you try this and destroy your rifle!

- VSR10 or Clone (If it looks like a VSR10 and has a hollow stock, it will work)
- Sprayable Foam Insulation (Make sure it's low expanding, I used ''Great Stuff'' in the a red can)
- Exacto knife or razor blade
- Something to keep you occupied
- Paper Towels
- Something to scrape away the extra foam (I just used a wooden stick thing I found in the kitchen )
- Tape (Painters will work best)

How to

Strip your rifle down to just the stock, and remove the rubber butt plate, then put a piece of the painters tape over the hole that the rear of your trigger guard. (Not really necessary, I didn't do it but it stops a small bubble of foam from forming, that would would have to trim anyway)

Next, Shake your foam and if needed, screw on the threaded straw that it probably came with.

Sit down and place the stock between your legs and hold it with your knees. Put straw of the foam can as far to the bottom of the stock as possible and slowly squeeze the straw. As the foam starts to fill the void, start going from side to side, slowly. Do this until the stock is about 3/4 full and stop. Just walk away. You need to give the foam time to expand before you add anymore, or do anything else, which you should do if needed. As it expands, you will probably need to scrape off the excess. Give the foam at the bare minimum 6 hours to cure. If you feel the need for more foam, go for it. After 24 hours, the foam will be safe to trim. I suggest using a razor blade or something serrated.

Your Done! Reassemble your rifle, trim any little pieces of foam. This mod will get rid of the ''toy'' like feeling, as well as make it SO much quieter

Thanks for Reading!

(Durkee, This is entirely my own idea
Razz )
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PostSubject: Re: Foam stock mod for your VSR10 or VSR Clone!   Tue Apr 19, 2011 10:14 pm

Pretty cool idea. If I had a VSR 10 or clone I would try it. lol
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Foam stock mod for your VSR10 or VSR Clone!
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